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Understanding the impact of social through digital ethnography.


Creative, meet business.



T H E  A S K

Building richer relationships between Adobe and its enterprise clients.

T H E   S I T U A T I O N

Adobe's Creative Suite is the foundation of the creative industry. 

As Adobe innovates new products like Adobe Experience Cloud, they

T H E   P R O B L E M

Bodyhackers are experiencing backlash from people who see the lifestyle as dangerous, unethical, and even just "creepy." As technology advances, so does our capacity for body modification, and our need for peaceful cohabitation.

T H E   O P P O R T U N I T Y

Find common ground between cyborgs and natural-born humans.

R E S E A R C H   M E T H O D O L O G Y

Secondary Research: TED, Case Studies, The Cyborg Foundation

Primary Research:

  • Sentiment Sprints
    • Live exercises for crowdsourcing public feeling around a cultural phenomenon
    • 15 minute "sprints" - 3 interactive exercises - 45 participants - 2 pizzas 
  • Quantitative survey 

L E A R N I N G # 1

    There was need for a standard definition of "cyborg," so we made one.

    L E A R N I N G # 2

      Bodyhacker motivations vary, but mostly fall under artistic, convenience, experimental, and medical reasons

      L E A R N I N G # 3

        Regardless of intensity, most people's discomfort can be grouped into what they feel is fundamentally "chill" or "not chill" 

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        K E Y   F I N D I N G

        Ever use FaceTime on your iPhone so you could see someone from thousands of miles away?

        Are you wearing glasses so you can see the words on this screen? 

        If so, you might be a little cyborg.

        (Don't believe me, take the quiz: Human Verification System)

        With a small stretch of the imagination, we can see bodyhacking as a spectrum - one that includes everything from RFID chips and eye implants  to using your iPhone to make a long distance call. Hacking your body can include any use of technology that extends your natural-born mental or physical limitations. 

        So how can we start to see ourselves that way?


        I N S I G H T

        Cyborgs may look part-Terminator, but they're just as human as the rest of us.

        I D E A

        We the people, reserve the right to cyborg.

        S O L U T I O N

        A long overdue update to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, with a cyborg addendum. 

        T H E   C Y B O R G   A C C O R D S



        T E A M

        Mary Gray Johnson

        Ari Abad