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Kraft essentially invented the modern marshmallow in the 1950's. Using space-age technology, they puffed marshmallow slurry full of air, making the confections springier, puffier, and fluffier than ever before.

Since then, Jet-Puffed marshmallows have become synonymous with s'mores, with limited product use outside campfires.

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Demand engineering. Invent new use-cases for Jet-Puffed marshmallows.  


Brand Inspiration 

A new purpose for Jet-Puffed that's as lighthearted and sweet as the marshmallows they make, and reminds us how marshmallows are best eaten - in good company.

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Cultural Currency

A subset of people already use marshmallows in novel, wild, totally weird ways - as battering rams, to fill bathtubs, or as practical jokes.

Consumer Insight

With marshmallows, the real fun isn't just in eating them. It's how you play with them. 

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Creative Strategy

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Campaign Concept

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The Jet-Puffed World Contest. 

A social campaign for people to submit ideas for the wildest marshmallow experience they can dream up. 

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Jet-Puffed's Imagination Lab.

The brand's new creative hub, where each week Jet-Puffed brings to life a contestant's wackiest marshmallow dream and live streams the mayhem to the world.

Once the campaign ends, it'll be HQ for product development at Jet-Puffed, where the brand's most ardent fans are invited to help innovate the next generation of marshmallow flavors.


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Caitlin Russell, Creative Strategist

Caroline Bivens, Brand Manager

Miya Cheng, Brand Manager