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With Spotify looking to go public, all eyes are on the company's ability to turn a profit. Since Premium subscriptions are at an all-time high, it made sense for Spotify to focus on better positioning its other source of income, in-platform advertising.


Spotify's advertising appeal isn't just the number of users on the platform, but in its ability to create advertising opportunities that inspire greater engagement.  


  • Qualitative research: focus group, interviews
  • Quantitative research: 120 respondent survey
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Key Finding

Most people don't share music with their friends, though a significant majority report wanting to. Those who do share music, don't share through Spotify, but find ways to "hack" music into other social platforms.

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Shifting Spotify from a music-streaming to a music-sharing service. 

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Product Innovation

Platform add-ons that encourages music sharing by:

  • Fusing music with visual media
  • Capitalizing on nostalgia
  • Working with how people already share music

Digital Mixtape

Upgrading Spotify's share feature by throwing it back old school.

1 ) Choose to send a digital mixtape, CD, or record

2 ) Select a cover designs that match your mood, playlist, or occasion 

3 ) Add personalized notes about why you chose that song

4 ) Share with friends, family, and loved ones


Musical Gifs

Text a gif that doesn't just show how you feel, but shares how that feeling sounds. 


Soundtrack to My Life

People already overlay music on Snapchat and Instagram stories. Spotify can own that behavior by crediting the artist and song name. 



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