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Verbhouse. A new rent-to-buy platform for homeownership.

How it works

1. Don't have enough for an expensive down payment? A Verbhouse investor will make an offer on your behalf. 

2. Instead of paying rent on an apartment, pay a fixed monthly rate that goes towards buying out your home. 

3. Looking to move? Transfer the amount you've already paid to a new Verbhouse property or have a Verbhouse investor buy the house back. 


For launch, Verbhouse wanted a rallying cry to unite the platform's future homeowners and investors.

In order to better understand both audiences, we conducted one on one interviews and hosted a workshop between Verbhouse and the future homeowners they serve.

Audience Learnings

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Urban Dreamers

In the city, there are more renters and less young adults buying homes than ever before. They're tired of overpriced rent but can't afford the extravagant down payments or longterm commitment of a traditional mortgage.

They still dream of home, but for them home is a 20 minute commute, corner bodega, and rolodex of activities every weekend. They'd never dream of living the city. 

Primary motivator: A white picket fence in the urban jungle. 

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Person-to-Person Investors

Verbhouse investors finance opportunities that don't just make money, but also make a difference. They’re known as “impact investors” and they’ve contributed to a 20% increase in sustainable investments over the past year. While investing in a Verbhouse property will yield return, they take greater solace in knowing it will also get someone closer to their dream of owning a home. 

Primary motivator: An investment that balances the heart and the head. 


There's no place like home. Whether you're the person dreaming about it, funding it, or helping to find it - it's a basic right that's firmly rooted in our dream of "one day." Verbhouse makes that dream easier, more accessible, and more real than ever before. 

Brand Manifesto


Verbhouse is set to launch in 2019:


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